Braid, check. Bun, check.

I wear my hair in a top knot very regularly, and this take on the ballerina bun is really tickling my fancy right about now. I love the braid at the back, and not only does it look awesome, it’s so easy to do!

(Via Modcloth)

David West SS2010

Local Cape Town designer David West launched his new collection on Friday, and man oh man, can I say impressive much? I love the presentation and the vintage feel of his collection achieved by the styling and use of colours. Is nice.

Self service. Don’t mind if i do

Self Service magazine is a Paris-based fashion and culture biannual.” It’s an online magazine that I found via the lovely Miss Milli B, and I just love these shots from the latest issue. The styling is great, but what I love most is the vintage feel of the photographs, and the overall effect of them feeling as if they were taken on a summer holiday. It’s like looking back at old family photos of your mum, if you’re mum was a super model with skin like a newborn baby.  

Photo credit - Self Service Magazine No. 35

Dr. Seussical

I need these.

Credit - The Daily Nail

Super stylin’

These colours please my eyes; the combination of which is very understated yet super stylish. Also, that hat is nice. I’d like it for my head.

Credit - Nino by Stockholm Street Style


I like these shots by Thomas Pepler, they take me some place else. Nostalgia for Standford in winter, perhaps? Departure indeed.

High-five for summer!

I’ve just moved back to South Africa after floating about for 15 years, and I’m so excited by the warmth and summer rays that have welcomed me back. I feel guilty for the large gap between posts on here, but life was hectically busy for a while there as I was finishing up my studies and saying goodbye to Melbourne and all the people I care so much about and will greatly miss.

On the upside, a new chapter of my life has begun! It’s an intoxicating feeling having packed up my life on one side of the world to come home, and after having graduated I now have the world at my feet. I’m really looking forward to what comes next, but for now I’m happy to lay in the grass with a good book and ice-cold ginger beer.

Photo credit - Life Magazine

A crown of braids

I have a very real crush on this braided ‘do. I wish my braiding skills were as real.

Olivia Jade Horner by Refinery 29

Karmen Pedaru by Stockholm Street Style

Monika Jac Jagaciak by Stockholm Street Style

Frida Gustavsson by Stockholm Street Style

Jeans & blouses

I recently bought a pair of blue washed high-waisted jeans from Acne (which I fawn over every time I see them in my cupboard), but being a person who has been wearing dresses almost everyday for as long as I can remember, I struggle to find different ways to wear them. Good thing there are other people out there to show me how, looks like the jeans/blouse combo is a top option.

Street Peeper via Miss Moss Blog

Beyond Boston Chic via Cali Vintage


Rough and shiny. That’s how I like it.

Why yes, this is ANOTHER post about MORE raw crystal rings. As you can clearly see here and here, I simply cannot get enough of this stuff. I have a serious obsession that will only be cured by me actually getting my paws on one of these babies, which, believe me, will happen as some point very soon. These amazing, handmade crystal rings are by jewellery label Joya, who are based in Constantia, Cape Town. I love how the agate rings are carved out of one piece of stone, and the colours on those titanium rings are just carazay! The Angel and Quartz ring is by far my favorite though. I want. 

Agate Drusy Rings

Geometric electric

I bought this great dress from Gorman the other week and just love the geometric patterns and colours. I’m dying to wear it but I haven’t yet had the chance to.

Suddenly I’m seeing geometric patterns all over the place. I especially love these nuggets of inspiration.

Prism necklace in white


The fabric works


Geometric vase

No milk today

Peeko apparel

Modern triangle necklace

Geometric home

Paper shapes

Hello Cape Town and all your thrifty stores

It’s taken me forever to get this post up! I went on a thrift trip around Cape Town over the winter holidays looking for vintage gems, and I got quite a collection of lovely things. I always find the best stuff around the Western Cape! I know that Capetonian locals know where to find all the good vintage stores, but when I first went looking as a visitor from Jo’burg, there wasn’t a lot of information on where I should start. So, here I’ve compiled a list of my most favorite stores that I love going back to whenever I’m in Cape Town.

Nostalgie: 114 St. Georges street, Simons Town.

This is probably my most favorite vintage store in Cape Town. It used to be nestled away in an alley in Kalk Bay, but recently moved to Simons Town’s main road. Pieces are a bit pricy so I try to limit myself to one item every time I go, however I always always ALWAYS find multiple things that I love. Everything is in good condition and you can tell that every piece has been picked with care.

Afraid of Mice: 88 Long street, corner of Longmarket, Cape Town CBD.

I. Love. This. Place. Afraid of Mice stock a range of vintage designer items from Mark Jacobs to Oscar De La Renta, and its all at pretty affordable prices. It’s not your regular cluttered or dusty vintage store with overstocked rails that you have to battle with to find what you’re looking for, everything is displayed really nicely, and are all hand-picked and a little bit special.

Second Time Around: 196 Long Street, Cape Town CBD.

Second Time Around has been around since 1972, and claims to have some of the oldest vintage clothing in Cape Town. It’s great for grandma jumpers and sequence dresses, and has a huge range of men’s clothing, which a lot of vintage stores don’t have. They also hire out costumes. Some of the stuff is a bit pricier than other vintage shops, but you can be assured that everything is the real deal.

Angela’s: Somewhere along Main road, opposite Pick ‘n Pay, Fish Hoek. (It’s super easy to find as the town is pretty small).

Angela’s has a great range of stuff from ballgowns to old collectable toys. It always has a big range of stock and is great for accessories. I bought a vintage ostrich skin clip wallet here a few years ago for R60 and still use it every day!

The Cat’s Meow: 210 Victoria Road, Woodstock. Next to the Old Biscuit Mill.

This place is great to go to after a day at the Neighbourgoods market, it offers a bit of everything at pretty decent prices.

There’s a bunch of stores that I sadly didn’t get time to check out this trip, but I still recommend these favorites:

Gliteratti: 172 Long Street, Cape Town CBD.

Gliteratti is tucked right at the back of the Long Street Antique Arcade. It’s a small, musty, cluttered shop, but it’s jam packed with so many hidden treasures. Give yourself some time to look through all the nooks and crannies!

Secondhand Rose: Warwick St 7700, Cavendish Close, Claremont.

Secondhand Rose has been around for a looooong time and stock some great items among some not-so-great items. It’s always worth digging around in there though, the last time I went I found the most amazing silk, button up dress.

Take a picture of a picture from the past in the present

Ahhh so inspired by this right now! I love going back to the same places where old family photographs were taken and memories were made, just to see how things have changed with time. I left Johannesburg when I was 7, only to visit properly again years later, and I still remember the feeling of nostalgia and happiness I felt when we drove past my old house for the first time. I’d love to dig up some old photos and take some shots like these.

Check out Dear Photograph for more.

Super sunglasses, on my face, oh yes

I finally received my Super Lucia Ilaria sunglasses after much umming and ahhing before deciding to purchase them online last week. Oh boy, do I love them! Yes. I do. Just look, aren’t they terribly good-looking?

Although I am very happy with them and they are everything I imagined them to be and more, I’m pretty disappointed that they didn’t come with a sunglasses case. For a pair of good quality sunnies that cost me a pretty penny, you’d expect that they’d at least throw in a sturdy case that would protect them from being damaged. All I got was one of those soft-cloth, drawstring pouches that would not hold up against the contents of my handbag if they got into close contact. The handful of online Super distributors such as EyeGoodies all promised that these shades would come with a leather case. However, I ordered my pair from the original Super website because they were the only site that had stock of the ones I wanted, and only when a leather case didn’t arrive did I go back to the website and noticed that Super made no such promises. Very disappointing. You’d think that the original supplier would include all the bells and whistles. Anyway, I’m still happy with the actual product.

Hello bug eyes! I’m glad that they fit my head all snug and happy because I generally struggle to find sunnies that fit my unusually small, narrow face. However, looking at this photo makes me realize that I need to adjust the nose-pads so that they don’t sit quite so high on my face…

Another Lucky Pony giveaway!

Angie over at Lucky Pony is hosting yet another giveaway. This time the gift is one of Cape Town jewellery designer Dear Rae's beautiful hand-crafted rings, and oh my is it a goodie! I love the minimalist, understated design of Dear Rae's jewellery, the silver rings and the gold rings with the stones are super lovely, my favorites being the one's below.

To enter the Lucky Pony giveaway for a chance to win the silver ring with the little gold heart, all you have to do is tell Angie which pieces are your favorite so that she can choose which ones to stock at Wolves. Re-blog or tweet about the giveaway and you’ll gain an extra entry :) Thanks Angie and Dear Rae!